Online Monitoring

Launch the online enviromental monitoring system in Water and Waste Water industry,Oil and Petrochemical,Gas and Meteorology,Power station

Online monitoring systems 

 Abargan centralized online monitoring system is designed for reviewing classified information from all online centers , together , according to emergency situation.
In Abargan online monitoring system we try all the hard wares with different brands can connect and send information.

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Abargan online monitoring systems services


-  Equipment supply for online water and waste water monitoring system , meteorology and gas.
- Launching and maintaining of online monitoring systems.

 Abargan online monitoring systems are presented with below abilities :

1. Access level for presenting reports.

Abargan online monitoring system can show specific reports to special users also it can classify reports according to type of data base for example waste water treatment for dairy companies or type of users for example contractor environmental protection agency , industrial companies or different type of information such as emergency situation.

 2. Control and make data base smart without additional cost for system.

Abargan online monitoring is based on RTU with SCADA standard , this system is according to international standards also it can connect to any types of hard wares therefore by relying on local knowledge we can do all types of control such as turning off and on motors or every electronically or mechanical devices. .

3- Ability to design and privatization with high speed.

If you want specific online monitoring with different brands together and accessibility of hard wares information.
Abargan soft ware and hard ware can provide this for you. 

Installation types of online monitoring system


Generally online monitoring systems are presented in two model submersible "or in-situ" and flow through "or bypass" choosing a suitable model is dependent on a selected parameter , location of installation , condition of water and waste water.
In submersible methods or submerged , the sensor is in the fluid. However in some cases we can install immersion sensors with bypass method. In flow-through methods water or waste water samples are putted in box pump.
In these methods usually peristaltic pumps are used. These methods are two types as mentioned above. In simpler mothod the immersion sensors without any changes is installed in a tube path named flow-ceell. In more complete methods after sample suchion into the device the chemical analysis are done on it this model also known as extractive model.
If you need more information or for ensuring the best method for your projects you can call Abargan company.


 Launch online monitoring system


 In online monitoring system before selecting model and method and using equipments you should notice some points:

1. Parameters for measuring should be tested and studied.
2. A limited area for measuring every parameter is needed and water matrix should be studied.
3. Installation and placement location of equipment and available facilities in this location such as electricity , telephone , cabling and physical protection should be checked.
4. Different types of installation according to above should be studied.
5. Transmission in formation system should be studied and selected.
6. Maintenance and user of systems should be studied.
7. Different methods of collecting and classifying information should be studied.
8. Methods of decision implementation should be studied and selected.


Selecting desired parameters according to different methods all over the world is very important in measuring and monitoring. Considering the fit of the parameters with selected method for installation and analysis and maintenance is very impressive factor in final cost.
For example we can point to COD, PH, BOD parameters , that may need periodic maintenance and replacement parts or replacement of the entire probe.
The difference between spectrometry equipment and chemical analyzer cabinet is that spectrometry equipment can be installed submerged in water or waste water. However this needs preparing special condition and further studies from intensity values and flow rate and water level changes that in most cases doing this is very hard and intolerable. 
Generally spectrometry sensors and cabinet analyzer are for measuring BOD, TOC, COD, TSS and nitrate. For other complicated parameters such as sulfates, phosphates and metals nearly all methods according to chemical analysis cabinet are possible. However in some cases if there is a data range of water quality matrix and waste water and past measured data in specific period of time we can calibrate special wavelength for  some parameters. If you need more information or consultation for selecting the best measuring method for your projects in Iran and the Middle East you can call our companies experts. .


برای دانلود مطلب فوق به صورت فایل PDF بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید:                                   دانلود دانلود مطلب سیستم پایش انلاین


 Online Water and waste water monitoring

For wastewater networks advanced management and monitoring the quality of water and wastewater, we should do our best efforts. Understanding water and wastewater quality is basic need for achieving standards and best services and environmental impact assessment activities.
Industrial wastewater is attentioned by public opinion and environmental activists because of its destructive effects on ecological and human health such as soil pollution, surface and under ground water pollution, contamination of agricultural products.
Traditionally the quality of wastewater is measured by international parameters such as TOC, COD, BOD, TSS.
It provides vital information in wastewater quality and the efficiency of purification furthermore it shows a wastewater treatment that has legal standards of quality. However in many wastewater treatments there is not continuous monitoring of wastewater quality. Automation of wastewater is not like other developed industries processes. That mostly is because of inappropriate environments that sensors are placed.
Lock of suitable sensors for online monitoring in real time is mostly because of uncertainly about a repeat of the methods available while focusing on methods and precise laboratory techniques is time consuming also it needs collecting samples and analyzing them.
In this regard online wastewater out put monitoring can be proper tool in implementing policies to reduce pollution and effective management of pollution, wastewater spill control networking industry also protection of wastewater treatment and network equipment from contamination. Auto mated and online regulatory is a new approach in water quality monitoring. Nowadays it is used to be as legislation and requirements for environmental quality control and water and wastewater. Water quality monitoring has became an advanced management tools in systems and wastewater and water supply networks management.
پایش آنلاین آب و فاضلاب


Benefits of online water and wastewater monitoring  system 

Among the benefits of using online water and wastewater monitoring systems, are high speed of receiving information, updated information (online monitoring), low operational and management costs, the elimination of human errors due to transport sample and test on it, remote control steps and process, telemetry data transfer and reduction of human resources cost. Also by using online water and wastewater monitoring system, environment can know the measured values at any time also it can control the pollutants units in area of shielding without physical presence.
Also it can warn to industry that makes pollution.This would have important role in continuous control units thereby with industrial development, monitoring and control of environmental to policies can be done in the best way according to policies and assigned duties. 
Abargan company announced our ability to equipment supply, launching and installing online monitoring systems such as online wastewater and department of environment all over IRAN.
Among the water and wastewater monitoring brands that are very usefull we can mention some brands such as Hach-Lange, Trios, Wtw, Tethys.

Online water and wastewater monitoring sensors


Online oxygen monitoring sensor (DO)                Online PH/ORP/TEMP monitoring sensor  
                      Online turbidity monitoring sensor                      Online EC monitoring sensor   

 Tribox 3 screen                                Online wastewater pollution monitoring sensor

Online COD, BOD, TSS,TOC, NO2, NO3 monitoring sensor    

برای دانلود مطلب فوق به صورت فایل PDF بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید:                                   دانلود دانلود مطلب پایش انلاین آب و فاضلاب


(Online exhaust emission monitoring (combustion

Environmental pollution are divided into two groups: Natural resources (water and air) and pollutant emission sources (air pollution resources that output of chimney industry sectors and non-industrial and wastewater). The most important sources of environmental pollution are greenhouse gases such as NOX,CO2,SO2 and aerosols and industrial wastewater contaminated with heavy metals. Measurement and monitoring of emissions from combustion are in terms of the attention from two perspectives: 

1.control pollution emissions from industrial environment. 
2.combustion systems control causes improve fuel consumption and this control has became a particular importance. Continuous monitoring system with regard to all standards is able to measure CO, CO2, SO2, NO2 gases.
Reasons for using analysis and online monitoring are:
They collect information for environmental programs to industrial centers.
Iso monitoring certification and industrial process control in order to economic efficiency

Types of analysis and online monitoring stack emissions systems

  1. Extractive
  2. Cross Stack
  3. In-Situ

1.  Extractive : In this method the sample gas sent through the chimney suction, and it has been transmitted from stack to analyzer by sample line. After preparation it has been analyzed. This is done in three ways:cold extractive, hot extractive, dilution extractive.   

  •  Cold Extractive : In this method the sample gas sent through the chimney suction and it has been transmitted to analyzer by hot sample line. 
  • Hot Extractive : In this method the sample gas sent through the chimney suction and it has been transmitted to analyzer by hot sample line but in this method unlike cold extractive, gas analyzer in hot and in the presence of moisture.


  • Dilution Extractive : In this method the sampling probe installed on the stack, dilutes the gas so the formation of corrosive sediments doesnt happen at the lowest temperature of gas the gas has been transmitted to analyzer by cold sample line and it has been analyzed. 

2. Cross Stack :In this method transmitters and receivers of ray are installed on either side of side of stack and gas analysis is done on stack.


3. In-Situ : This method is used in system control process such as CO2 and O2 gas testing in gas diversity< it is used hess in the environmental cases. This method is done into two ways, such as open path in-situ and in-situ envelope floded beam.

  • Open Path In-Situ :In this method the mirror is putted at the and of the open probe.
    The rays that has been submitted via transmitter after passing the gas stack, reflects bt the mirror and is measured in the receiver . 
  • Envelope Folded Beam In-Situ :In this method the mirror is in the last part of closed probe. This probe has micron protective for gas. The rays that has been sent by sender after passing the gas in to the closed probe will be transmitted by the last part of mirror and it will be measured is receiver.

برای دانلود مطلب فوق به صورت فایل PDF بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید:                             دانلود دانلود مطلب پایش آنلاین گاز


Online air monitoring: 

Online air pollutants monitoring in different parts is done by measuring and monitoring stations.
These stations measure aerosols and pollutant gases such as PM2.5, PM1, CO,VOX, SO2, O3, H2S, NH3, CO2, PM10 and other meteorology parameters like temperature, pressure, humidity,... 
Pollution monitoring stations are located in situations that develope the actual quality of the air.Also we cand show the dataes by boards of air pollution in the city.، 

 پایش آنلاین هوا

The advantages of air pollution monitoring stations:

       1.(High sensivity (high detection rate. 
2.High precision data.
3.The ability to store data for long-term in data logger.
4.The ability to reporting as a tables and charts.
5.The ability to review the change of pollutants in along time.
6.The ability to connect to the network and reporting and calibration check via that.

Types of air monitoring stations: 

-   Ecotech  -        Enviro SA

-   Enviro tech  -             Horiba

-   others

برای دانلود مطلب فوق به صورت فایل PDF بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید:                          دانلود دانلود مطلب پایش انلاین هوا

Online oil and petrochemical monitoring

 Most chemicals that we know it today are formed from so many basic chemical that have been extracted fro, oil and gas. Instruments and analysis system and process optimization are not new operation in chemical and petrochemical processes but regulation, competitive pressure and rising cost of raw material makes industry to go deeper into process control technology.
Increasing the regulations send specifications fuel quality needs to
adapt and recognizing issues as quickly as possible and online, shows the importance of online monitoring system. In nearly 10 years of experience abargan company has earned considerable expertise in consultancy, design and implementation of on line, complete analysis of inline monitoring systems in field of oil and gas, Your expectations of this system is clear and predictable for abargan experts. Developed products collection of this company are the keys for achieving higher poduction effeciency, cost control and at least compelitive advantages.
New techniques such as "Raman spectroscopy" paves the paving the way to anew regulatory system for quality control and process control.

پایش آنلاین نفت
  • Online monitoring system in line PTA. 
  •  Online monitoring system in amine purification process 
  • Online monitoring system in line LPG. 
  •  Online monitoring system in line QC/QA for sodium in LPG.
  • Online water process monitoring system.
  • Online desalination process monitoring system
  • Online stack monitoring system
  • Detector system/measurement of oil-water

برای دانلود مطلب فوق به صورت فایل PDF بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید:                         دانلود مقالهدانلود مطلب پایش آنلاین  نفت و پتروشیمی


Online environmental monitoring 

 Focusing on climate and environmental changes in the world leading to significant increase in global efforts for reduction of pollutions rate and destructive environmental changes.
According to importance and the high effectiveness of quality and quantity control of pollutants and their important role in environmental cleanliness its necessary to create conditions that environmental pollutants such as water and soil and air and sound pollutants can be monitored and analyzed. This need growing in measurement and environmental monitoring.
Researchers in the field of environment are developing cyber infrastructure in the from of environmental observatories for observation, modeling and forcasting and reporting that helps preserving the natural environment.
Among these infrastructure can note the online environmental monitoring systems. 


 Monitoring data aggregation portal from across the country

Data aggregation system enables all monitoring stations which can receive and record the measured data to send their data to a comprehensive system.At least these data can be used by organs and special parts of organs such as department of environment country and they are available for them comprehensive and online.This system is designed by Abargan company and is ready to offer.These data can include all parameters measured at the monitoring systems such as air monitoring parameters from ECOTECH devices and current water monitoring parameters from TRIOS, HACH-LANGE ,B&C,waste water monitoring parameters.


Transmitters can be installed on environmental monitoring sensors

Transmitter means a device that can measure a physical quantity and transfer this measure to the farther places.Transmitters receive information from online monitoring systemand they act like a converter of data transfer.In fact they act as a transmitter in the online monitoring sensors.These converters are as a very useful equipment in control and monitoring systems and remote meter reading and protocol converters such as RS-232 converter and RS485 converter to USB are more useful.These converters are used a lot. 
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